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30 facts all about Joe Biden

30 Presidential Facts About Joe Biden

Joe Biden was the first president-elect in US history to mention transgender people in his victory speech.

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Seven oldest trees in the world

7 Oldest Trees In The World

The oldest tree in the world is 80,000 years old and is called Pando, which is located in Fishlake National Forest, Utah, USA.

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Facts about Lil Nas X

30 Fast Facts About Lil Nas X

At the 2020 Grammy awards, Lil Nas X wore a fuchsia-colored custom-made Versace suit which took 700 hours to construct.

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Tik Tok Facts

10 Tip-Top Facts About TikTok

Did you know that TikTok was the most downloaded app globally in 2020?

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Facts about exercising

10 Encouraging Health Benefits Of Exercising

Regular consistent exercise can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by as much as 50%.

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Adorable Corgi dog facts

12 Captivating Facts About Corgis That You Should Know

Did you know that Corgis are listed as the 11th smartest breed of dog?

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A man in bed with a hangover

10 Crazy Ways To Cure A Hangover

Did you know that in Haiti it is believed that voodoo can help cure a hangover?

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31 facts about the number 31

31 Facts About The Number 31

Did you know that 31 years is equivalent to 1 billion seconds? Whereas 31 days is only 2.6 million seconds.

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The history of Roman numerals

The History Of Roman Numerals

Did you know that Roman numerals were actually created between 850 and 750 BC before Rome was even founded?

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How Coronavirus affected Corona beer sales

How Did Coronavirus Affect Corona Beer in 2020?

Regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic, Corona beer still continues to be the most valuable beer in the world!

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A history of NERF

A Brief History Of Nerf

Did you know that NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam?

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5 eggnog facts

5 Enjoyable Facts About Eggnog

Did you know that the US drinks an average of 135 million lbs of eggnog every year?

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